Comparative Analysis and Action Plan for the cross-border region of Trnava (SK) and Lower Austria

The study has been part of the ETC project RECOM SK-AT. The objective of the study has been to identify cooperation possibilities between the Trnava region and Lower Austria for the new Programming period 2014 – 2020 by means of a comparative analysis of the regions, and defining an action plan. Further a brochure with a contact list of organization and institutions has been made within the frame of this assignment.    read more >> End date 2014

Ex-ante Evaluation of the ETC Program Slovakia-Czech Republic 2014 – 2020

The objective of the ex-ante evaluation has been to provide an independent view on the process of the preparation of the ETC program Slovakia – Czech Republic 2014 – 2020. The ex-ante evaluation is one of the principles of EU support in realizing the common strategic framework. Its goal is to strengthen strategic analysis and improve the quality of the preparation of the new programming period 2014 – 2020.    read more >> End date 2014

Creative Industries: Stimulating Urban Landscapes

The objective of this project has been to explore possibilities for cooperation in the field of stimulating work environments between the Netherlands and the Czech and Slovak Republic. Within the frame of this project two workshops has been organized in Prague and Bratislava with national stakeholders.    read more >> End date 2014

Development Potential Strategy for the cross-border region Weinviertel – Záhorie

The new planned bridge across the River Morava, to be realized until the year 2020, will offer new possibilities for sustainable economic cooperation between the Austrian region Weinviertel and the Slovak region Záhorie. This project has identified cross-border development potential for cooperation by means of a regional analysis, stakeholder interviews and workshops with local and regional key-players.    read more >> End date 2014

TA for the preparation of the ISPA project documents of the North-east of the Pest County Area regional municipal waste management

Preparation of the ISPA application and all the relevant background documentation: revision of the existing feasibility study, analysis of alternative solutions, the financial and economic analysis and the information about the environmental impact of the project.    read more >> End date 2003

Strategic Environmental Assessment of Selected Operational Programs

Strategic Environmental Assessments on three operational programs: SOP Human Resources Development, SOP Industry, Joint ROP and the Single Programming Document for Prague.    read more >> End date 2002

Development of an Agro-Environmental Scheme in Estonia

Assistance developing the detail scheme of the agro-environmental program, including methods for diversification of sources of income and landscapes in the agricultural lands and evaluation of profit/lost by land owners because of environmental restrictions.    read more >> End date 2000

Rural Economic Development

Follow-up assignment aimed at the development of business activities on the Saarema and Hiuuma islands in Estonia.    read more >> End date 1999

Organisation of a businessmen meeting for the automotive supply sector

Selection of potential French clients for a group of Hungarian producers of automotive parts and components; organisation of business meetings in Paris, and visits to the French companies    read more >> End date 1999

Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Economy in Poland

Advice to the Ministry of Economy in various areas ...    read more >> End date 1998

Bridging Expert to The Ministry of Economy II

Follow-up assignment, support to the implementation of the programme support unit, identification of know-how centres for consultancy and training purposes.    read more >> End date 1998

Feasibility Study on Cadastre in Poland

Analysis and recommendations on organisation, financing, computerisation and staffing of the Polish Cadastral System, ...    read more >> End date 1998

SME Export Policy - Support to the Ministry of Economy

International and local research, development of a strategy for developing SME exports, implementation.    read more >> End date 1998